Ascended Numerology                 Avesa Quantum Healing

​​​​​​​​​​​Avesa Quantum Healing

Avesa Quantum Healing creates a sacred space in which your chakras can receive an expansion into their Ascended state. In an Avesa session one has the opportunity to experience greater alignment with their Divine Galactic Blueprint of who they truly are.

Avesa literally means "Divine Empowerment".

Peacefully empowering, this session can help welcome you to greater clarity, well being and purpose in this life.


Ascended Numerology

Ascended Numerology is a totally unique system

of working with the mathematical sequences

and occurrences in our lives.

Your birth location, date of birth, and birth name

all carry an energy that create the foundation

  of your unique soul code. 

The  Diamond Foundation is the starting point

of understanding your soul code


the energies that are available

for your support. 

The Diamond Foundation soul code

is a revelatory process. This session allows one

the opportunity to connect with their soul on a profound level.

Through knowing your own Code of your Soul ask yourself:

What would it reveal to you?

What would it confirm?

What would you do with this extraordinary information





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