About Me


My name is Patricia Laurin

and I have an energy and bodywork practice in White River Jct., Vermont. I have a practice in Rolfing Structural Integration-that info is at another website

if you wish to explore: www.plaurinrolfer.com.​

​​I have studied many "energy modalities" over several years of my career in bodywork. My trainings are included at the bottom of ths page. 

Many people ask

what is ascension energy,

what does ascended mean?

My answer to this question

is this:

ascension and ascended energies

are the best words we have

to describe the spiritual nature of ourselves.

If we think of ourselves

as a spiritual being


a human experience.... then how can we remember

more of our spiritual nature?

There are many paths and many ways..............

I invite you to explore this website!

Thank you.

My training in energy work includes:



Polarity Therapy (May 1985)

Touching Spirit (1998)

Lightwork (1999)

Stillpoint Training for Medical Intuitives (2000)

 Magnified Healing (2002)

Avesa Quantum Healing, (2006, 2010)

Ascended Numerology (2019)

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