Ascended Numerology and Soul Charting

   Your Unique Code


the Soul

             Ascended Numerology is a totally unique system

of working with the mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives.

The Diamond Foundation-the first step in Ascended Numerology

gives you your Master Soul Code,

as well as the Divine attributes

and energies of the numbers involved.

Through knowing your own Code of your Soul

ask yourself:

What would it reveal to you?

What would it confirm?

What would you do with this extraordinary information and insight?


Ascended Numerology is an ancient Essene-ah practice.

It was lost when the libraries at Alexandria were burned

shortly after the council of Nicea.

This ascended system of knowledge

was replaced with an earthbound alignment of numbers

as revealed through Pythagoras.

This was expanded upon by other astrologers of various origins

for many millennia.

While these systems have served humanity for several millennia,

the greater ascension energy that is now present

upon our planet has called for

this unique and ancient system

to now be present to assist with expansion and up-liftment. 

Ascended Numerology offers you greater clarity

and a deep recognition of the energetic resources

available to you

based on your birth name, place and date.

Specific life events can also be charted.


       Diamond Foundation Soul Charting


Diamond Foundation and 1-3 personal questions: $111.00

Sessions can be done at my office or through Skype.


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